Boston, MA


What Is the Clinical Biomarkers Summit?

To deliver value to patients, the success of precision medicine drug development, and even a future diagnostic strategy fundamentally rests on a solid biomarker foundation. This importance only heightens as multiple drug developers fight for market share for similar targets in similar indications and healthcare providers and payers demand to see more robust clinical benefit to specific patient cohorts.

That’s why at Clinical Biomarkers, we’re uniting biomarker, translational, clinical development and assay technology leaders from large and midsized drug developers, to address fundamental challenges in developing predictive, monitoring and resistance biomarker signatures to enhance precision medicine drug development.

Clinical Biomarkers is split over two streams, tackling “Discovery & Development” and “Implementation & Clinical Validation” of novel biomarkers and assaying technology.

Hear data-driven pre-clinical and clinical case studies across therapeutic areas and address paradigm shifts in the utilization of multi-marker signatures to ensure you, your team and your wider “precision medicine” function deliver valuable insight into patient selection and treatment decisions. Prove the safety, efficacy and value of your targeted therapeutic candidates.

In addition, benefit from the co-located 9th World CDx Summit to gain more tangible insight beyond biomarker development into the adoption and integration of an IVD strategy to elevate your precision medicines for regulatory success, market penetration and market share.

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